Bravery Test
Lbp2-barvery test

Bravery Test is the second last level in Da Vinci's Hideout in LittleBigPlanet 2.

Once you have completed this level once and acquired the Wooden Gear 1 sticker, you can use it on the Sticker Trigger above a wooden door at the starting point of the level. This will transform the level into a race and provide you with various new grapple points so you can earn the remaining stickers you missed.

About This LevelEdit



  • Woodcut Flower
  • Blue-Green Leaf Motif
  • Hand Sketch
  • Da Vinci House
  • Cloud Sketch
  • Wooden Grappling Hook
  • Da Vinci Wall Motif
  • Rhino Leg
  • Ochre Victorian Lady
  • Da Vinci Front Door
  • Blue Dome
  • Da Vinci Roof Light
  • Rhino Body
  • Da Vinci Head
  • Da Vinci Round Window
  • Propeller Dome
  • Blue Strut
  • Da Vinci Window Frame
  • Da Vinci Head Sketch
  • Wooden Gear 1
  • Red Wall
  • Da Vinci Side Roof
  • Rhino Head Plain
  • Newton Rockstar
  • Da Vinci Hideout Roof
  • Da Vinci Roofed Bridge
  • Da Vinci Main Roof
  • Metalmatica Logo
  • Da Vinci Window
  • White Angel Wing


  • Layered Cobweb
  • Iron Support Quill
  • Plain Iron Hinge
  • Classic Cobweb


  • Quill & Inkpot
  • Cloth Bag Wocker
  • Carved Tree Stump


  • Brown Shiny Wood
  • Parchment-Covered Wood
  • Hexagon Lattice

Level Complete GiftsEdit

  • Bellydancer Dress (costume)
  • Lace Glasses (costume)
  • Paisley Trim (material)

Collect All GiftsEdit

  • Y-Fronts Sketch (sticker)
  • Cartoon Da Vinci (sticker)
  • Fat Candle (object)

Aced Level GiftsEdit

  • Da Vinci's Hideout IntMusic (audio)
  • Grumpy Eyes (costume)
  • Cog Princess Hat