In The Clutches Of Evil is the final playable level of Spooky Mansion and of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita's story. Sackboy and Mrs. Sunshine have finally climbed to the top of The Puppeteer's laboratory. All that remains is to smash his malicious machines, regain control of Carnivalia, and rescue all of LittleBigPlanet from the devastation of the Hollows' joy-stealing schemes! Sackboy's proficiency with touch, Grappling Hooks, and Grabinators will be put to the ultimate test!

Completing this stage automatically unlocks Orb-it in The Arcade.

About This LevelsEdit



At the start, head right. Go this way for a while until a cutscene occurs. Then you must run right continously, jumping over boxes and doging. When the machine shoots a laser, always try to stay in front of it or behind it so it doesn't hit you. Jump over gaps. Once a bounce pad appears, use it and grapple up to hit the enemy.

Jump over the gaps made by the balls. Once a lighting filled gap appears, grapple up between it so Sackboy doesn't get fried, then swing right off it. Grapple whenever the bounce pad appears so you can get up and hit the device whenever possible. You'll know you can because a little bubble will be poking out of the enemy.

As the level proceeds, it gets a bit tougher but all Sackboy can do is continue running right, leaping over boxes, and grappling whenever grapple points become available. Mostly this section is based off repetition and being able to hit the enemy in its weak spot when it reveals it. After three hits, a cutscene should play.

Finally head right past it and enter a link level. Once in control of Sackboy, another enemy appears. It will shoot at you, so avoid these projectiles. When it opens its mouth it will shoot lasers, so keep away from it by running all the way right or left. After this, the mouth will reveal a touch platform, so pull it down. This will stop the enemy for a second.

Then the center area will provid you with your grabbing tool. Grab the projectiles flying at you one by one and toss them into the pink blocks on each side of the screen until they are all broken. The enemy will shoot lasers at you again, avoid them, then pull down on the touch platform when it shows up.

The pink blocks on the walls will be back, but now you have to use a bounce pad while holding a projectile in order to hit them. So grab the explosives, jump on a bounce pad, and fling them at the pink blocks. There will be lasers shot at you a third time, so avoid tehm as the platform progressively gets smaller. Finally, pull down on the touch pad in its mouth to end the battle and level.