Maximum Security is the first level of The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow

You first enter where you see Clive in a can with sackbots walking past. There are 8 prize bubbles containing costumes for customizing your sack person, to get them you just use the bounce pads. You then have to follow the sackbots down a steep slope, where you crash through small cardboard blocks. As soon as you finish the slope you are likely to slide to a checkpoint that activates and gives you a grapple hook. Find the bounce pads then the next ones like a bounce mountain. You will find sponges,use the grapple hook to grab one of the sponges and use the bounce pads on the wall to get to the next platform. When you get close to the top there is a prize bubble and a platform. Go to the platform and swing across the next sponges and into a giant hand. The sackperson will fall and do sackbot puzzles for the rest of the level.

About This LevelEdit