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The Garden

Polaroid gardens
Your adventure begins in The Gardens, where you’ll meet The King and his wife The Queen; the Creator Curators of this green and peaceful kingdom, and the friendly folk who will guide you through your first steps in LittleBigPlanet. [more...]

The Savannah

Polaroid savannah
After completing the King’s challenges, it’s time for the real adventure to start, and to take the royal submarine to Africa. Here you’ll meet the Savannas’ Creator Curator - the mighty Zola – and embark on a mission to discover what’s bothering the buffalo. [more...]

The Wedding

Polaroid wedding
After finding Stripey Tail and reuniting him with his mother, your obvious skill in bringing loved ones back together is needed elsewhere. Frida the Bride is getting married, but might be left standing at the altar unless you can save the day! [more...]

The Canyons

Polaroid canyons
After saving their wedding day, Don Lu and Frida invite you to travel with them on their Honeymoon to Jalapeño’s Canyons, and meet Don Lu’s Uncle Jalapeño, master of explosives. [more...]

The Metropolis

Polaroid metropolis
Zapata has been brought to justice, and it’s been a really long day. Jalapeño thinks it’s time for a vacation, and suggests you both drive out to the Metropolis to visit his good friend Mags the Mechanic, who can show you her cars! [more...]

The Islands

Polaroid islands
Ze Dude acknowledges you as a greater warrior than he, and offers you the use of his private jet, so you can fly out to The Islands and train under his teacher – Grandmaster Sensei. But upon arrival, it once again seems like your help is needed to save the day. [more...]

The Temples

Polaroid temples
Once again you have triumphed in the face of evil, and with the help of a flame-throwing cat, defeated The Terrible Oni. Grandmaster Sensei is so proud of you, that he lets you in on a little secret – the supplier of his flame-throwing moggy, The Great Magician. Hop over to the Temples and pick one up for yourself! [more...]

The Wilderness

Polaroid wilderness
The Great Magician teleports you to The Wilderness, where a strange curator known as The Collector is believed to be imprisoning creations from all over LittleBigPlanet… He’s hoarding them all for himself, and not sharing them with others, and that just won’t do. [more...]

LittleBigPlanet PortableEdit

Down Under

Polaroid downunder
Sackboy has gotten lost in the outback whilst on Walkabout. A meeting with an Aboriginal Mystic and a visit to the Dreamtime gives Sackboy his purpose; to seek out and bring together the Curator Creators for the Carnival of Creators! [more...]

The Orient

Polaroid orient
TBA [more...]

The Bazaar

Polaroid bazaar
TBA [more...]

Golden Sands

Polaroid goldensands
TBA [more...]

Alpine Run

Polaroid alpinerun
TBA [more...]

Tinsel Town

Polaroid tinseltown
TBA [more...]

The Carnival

Polaroid carnival
TBA [more...]

LittleBigPlanet 2Edit

Da Vinci's Hideout

Da Vinci Hideout
As our adventure begins, you are rescued from certain doom by a kind chap going by the name of Da Vinci. It seems the Cosmos is in trouble, and you’ve been drafted to help save the day. But first you’ll have to prove you have what it takes to be part of The Alliance! [more...]

Victoria's Laboratory

Victoria Laboratory
Equal parts delicious and dangerous, sackpeople come for the cupcakes and stay for the exposed electrical circuitry! [more...]

The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow

Factory of Better Tomorrow
With Victoria’s lab cleared of meanies, it’s time to mass manufacture your army of Sackbots. It’s time to head to Clive Handforth’s Factory of a Better Tomorrow, but predictably, the Factory has been taken over by meanies, and those Sackbots trapped inside aren’t going to rescue themselves! [more...]


TBA [more...]

Eve's Asylum

Eve Asylum
Its soothing forests and fascinating incendiary wildlife have attracted clients ranging from esteemed academics to LittleBigPlanet royalty! [more...]

The Cosmos

The Cosmos
Time for the final assault! Your crew and army assembled, you head off to take down the Negativitron once and for all. It’s not going to be all plain sailing though, not if the meanies can help it. Remember your training and you will make it back alive! [more...]

LittleBigPlanet PS VitaEdit

La Marionetta

La Marionetta
The land has fallen into darkness as The Puppeteer's Hollow minions have rampaged unchecked. With the Colonel's tutelage, Sackboy will learn the ways of a true Carnivalian and strike back against these nefarious creatures! [more...]

The Land Of Odd

The Land Of Odd
After being cast off herself, she awoke and dedicated her time to mending all unwanted things discarded into this land. But now the Hollows are taking things before she gets a chance to mend them; this must surely be the work of The Puppeteer! Sackboy must traverse this bizarre world and fine the cause of all this new-found strife! [more...]

Jackpot City

Jackpot City
Fortunately the heroic Sean Brawn is on their trail! A thorough investigation of the The Puppeteer's operations within the city will shed some light on the situation. [more...]

Coaster Valley

Coaster Valley
The Unbelievable Otis promises to make this detour a memorable one, however, as he and Sackboy race through a junkyard amusement park in search of spare parts! [more...]

Spooky Mansion

Spooky Mansion
Into The Puppeteer's headquarters! Separated from his allies, Sackboy forms a new partnership with Mrs. Sunshine, the Hollow-infested mansion's lost curator. Together they advance toward a final showdown for the fate of Carnivalia! [more...]

LittleBigPlanet KartingEdit

LittleBigPlanet World

Its residents had been living the good life until The Hoard rolled in and started stealing everything that wasn't nailed to the ground! The Queen needs an automotive hero to recover the lost goods: Sackboy will do nicely! [more...]

Monster Islands

TBA [more...]

Victoria's Laboratory

Vernom the Rat
Pursuing the hungering Hoard through space, Sackboy learns that the Laboratory is under attack. Arriving on the scene, he meets Vernon the Lab Rat, who regards the output of Victoria's bakery as his personal snacks. Whatever his relationship to the Baketress may be, no sackperson can stand idly by while the Hoard absconds with the scones! [more...]

The Progress Emporiums

TBA [more...]

Eve's Asylum

Venus the Flytrap
The magnificent vegetation surrounding Eve's Asylum proves irresistable to the meddlesome Hoard. As they endeavour to uproot the forest's natural splendour, Venus the Flytrap requests Sackboy's help in restoring the land to order. [more...]

The Space Bass

The Space Bass
TBA [more...]

Hoard, Sweet Hoard

TBA [more...]

LittleBigPlanet 3Edit


TBA [more...]


Dig the groovy vibes of Marlon Random's cinematic magic in Manglewood - the resting place of Bunkum's first great hero, OddSock. [more...]


Bask in the emerald magnificence of Papal Mache's domain: The Ziggurat! Toggle sleeps in it verdant depths, and only you can rouse it! [more...]

Bunkum Lagoon

Bunkum Lagoons
Cower under the regal scowl of Queen Pinky Buflooms, ruler of all Bunkum! The last great hero, Swoop, sleeps above her royal Lagoon. [more...]