Super Conductor is one of six minigames to be found in The Arcade.

The objective of Super Conductor is to power all of the processors through the use of batteries and junctions. Junctions can be rotated by taping them. Once a direct line from a battery to a processor is made, the battery must then be tapped in order to send a charge to the processor. Levels must be completed as quickly as possible in order to receive a 3 star rating.

Some levels of Super Conductor require the charges to be boosted in order to receive all 3 stars. Hold down the L Button or R Button to boost your charge.

In some levels there will be empty batteries. While these batteries may be empty now, they can receive a charge just like processors can. When a charge is sent to the empty battery, it will then store that charge until tapped again. Only tap the battery if you are sure you want to use that charge, otherwise you'll have to refill it using the standard battery.

In levels with multiple processors, occasionally these processors will also be timed. This means that one processor must be started almost immediately after the other in order to complete the level. Next to these timed processors will be a meter. Once a charge reaches one of these processors, that meter will fill up, and instantaneously begin to deplete. Within a matter of seconds, that processor will no longer be charged.

Some processors will require 2 charges before they can be activated. These processors operate exactly like the timed processors, except they are single processors with two timers. Both charges must reach the processor simultaneously in order to complete the level.

Some processors will be red, and some will be blue. Red processors require a red charge to activate, while blue processors require a blue charge to activate. In order to change the color of a charge, it must first be directed into a color changer. That charge will then automatically be ejected from the color changer, so be aware.

Super Conductor will not be marked "complete" until you have reached a three-star ranking across all levels.