Polaroid savannah

The Savannah is the second theme of LittleBigPlanet based on Africa and its Creator Curator is Zola, After completing the King’s challenges, it’s time for the real adventure to start, and to take the royal submarine to Africa. Here you’ll meet the Savannas’ Creator Curator - the mighty Zola – and embark on a mission to discover what’s bothering the buffalo.


  • Zola (Creator Curator)
  • Wobbly Ape
  • King Croc
  • Meerkat Mum
  • Meerkats
  • Stripy Tail

Main Levels

Swinging Safari

480px-Swinging safari
The Royal Submarine makes an emergency landing right on top of one of Zola’s prized statues, smashing it to smithereens. It’s time to visit Zola in his palace and apologise, which, with a bit of help from the Giraffes and Monkeys, should take no time at all... [more...]

Burning Forest

Burning forest
Luckily, Zola is in a forgiving mood, but before he'll help you, he wants you to figure out what's spooking the buffalo. And, you know, since you kinda owe the guy, maybe you should find out what’s going on! Look out though, it’s getting hot out there... [more...]

The Meerkat Kingdom

Meerkat Mum’s son Stripey Tail, has gone missing, she fears the worst and thinks the crocs have had him for supper, but rumour has it he might be out partying, maybe you can find him somewhere in this mass of caves. [more...]

Side Levels

Flaming Seesaws

Run and jump as fast as you can along the seesaws and don’t get toasted by the fiery obstacles Beat the timer and get to the finish post as fast as you can for that high score (Easy, Medium, Hard).

Tunnel Plunge

Plunge headlong through the tunnel, avoiding the spiky traps! Beat the timer and get to the finish post as fast as you can for that high score! Don’t forget - collecting score bubbles will pause the timer and win you points!

Meerkat Bounce

Hey, no-fur, can you bounce? Survive and collect score bubbles for as long as you can before you die! Avoid the fiery coals and don’t fall off the meerkats!