Polaroid tinseltown

Tinsel Town is the sixth theme of LittleBigPlanet Portable and its Creator Curator is The Director.


Main Levels

Stitch Gordon

It's time for your LittleBigScreen debut. [more...]

Frying Saucers

Face the big alien boss, and kick his big alien ass. [more...]

The Sewn Identity

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is very tricky. Did we mention the lasers? [more...]

Opening Fright

Good evening ladies and err primates? [more...]

Side Levels

I Race Dead People

Get through the horribly haunted house. Who dares, wins (lots of points).

Leaps of Faith

Jump the canyon of probable death on your mean machine for a juicy points fest.


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Tinsel Town
Stitch GordonFrying SaucersThe Sewn IdentityOpening Fright
The Carnival
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